North London LETS - Members' Area

Welcome to North London LETS online system

We are a local non-profit "exchange" network in which all kinds of goods and services can be traded without money. Our network uses an interest-free local currency called "Pledges", so that direct swaps do not need to be made. A member may earn local credit (pledges) by doing work for one person (eg gardening or computer work) and spend their pledges on something else with another member of the network (eg massage or carpentry).

Benefits include - Access to all kinds of goods and services
- Cash savings and immediate interest-free credit
- Less need to borrow from a bank, easing cash-flow problems
- Opportunities to turn all kinds of skills or resources into assets
- A wide variety of skills are recognized and valued
- You can trade at any level of skill or service
- Being part of a co-operative, friendly and supportive community
- Especially helpful for people on a low income

NLLETS began as a paper-based system, with an office-based team who produced and circulated by post a thick newsletter containing lists of Members and Offers & Wants. Changes to the directory could only be made periodically, but with our online system, members can log in, upload a photo, update their personal information and listings, and do transactions. Socials can be hosted by individuals to network with local members.